Excerpt: Domestic Correspondant

…sometimes I’d prefer to have people I admire exist in my mind with the image I choose. Mostly I want to know all about everyone interested and talented, but it can be nice seeing someone only through the lens of their work… That’s one of the risks…yeah? Of course everyone has their flaws, and refusing to see them is like denying a person the permission to be him or herself around you. Where’s the value in that?

For me, the best art is accessible and authentic, and that’s how I like people, too. It’s how I try to be — I don’t want fragments of people, I want them whole, I want all of them. Sometimes I think, being yourself while conveying to others that it’s safe for them to be themselves around you, is incredibly daunting and hard, but is it really so challenging? I suppose it’s easier said than done, even if it shouldn’t be that way. But I mean, trust begets trust, yeah? Give of yourself openly, show that you trust that you can be yourself, and isn’t that act generally reciprocated? I really don’t think it takes much.

I may not seem it — I don’t even know any more — but I’m pretty shy, and I used to have a very hard time feeling safe being myself 100% with new people. It’s made me try more consciously to put others at ease, as that, in turn, relaxes me. I still retreat into myself often, when I meet people I already admire and like and want to know and be known to. It makes me appreciate people…even more for so graciously putting people in a space where they feel comfortable, and for making [themselves] approachable…it’s this that makes [you] a person whose acquaintance I’m happy to have made.