‘(500) Days of Summer’

After a bit of a hiatus due to lots of homework for my summer class, I finally wrote another movie review. (500) Days of Summer has been one of my favorite movies this year. A bold statement, but true nonetheless. It was kind of mean of me to do a review on this, though: as of now, it’s still not screening anywhere in New Jersey. Which is no less than criminal, in my mind. Fox Searchlight was nervous about this, but it had a super solid per-site box office average last weekend, so hopefully they’ll be rolling it out to mainstream cinemas, or at least the little arthouse ones in Montclair and Red Bank. But I digress.

My review is up here:


I didn’t title it. I also didn’t break it down into obnoxiously short news-style paragraphs. That’s the single thing I hate most about newswriting: single-sentence paragraphs. No appreciation for the art of structuring a good, coherent paragraph that operates smoothly in an overall body of work. Haha.

Next week: Funny People and maybe an indie movie I’m potentially doing a project on…