‘The Hangover’

My review was posted early!


Not sure what’s to come next week, yet…perhaps The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3…we’ll see though!

Also: Variety reports that The Hangover is #2 at the box office this weekend (behind Up, and only barely), pulling in over $43 million–one of the best ever openings for an R-rated movie. The only two that have grossed more their opening weekends are Sex and the City and American Pie 2–franchise flicks.

The best part about that bit of news is that this raunchy, R-rated comedy starring virtually unknown actors completely dominated against Will Ferrell’s latest excuse for comedy–the PG-13 Land of the Lost didn’t even break $20 million.

Hahaha. Sometimes I love the way the world works.


The Hangover’s Sunday box office take was even higher than predicted, and it finished at number 1 this weekend. I loved Up, but it’s nice to see this genuinely entertaining, low-budget flick become a sleeper hit. I’m glad they’re both going strong and hope The Hangover can retain some of that audience this weekend…it had record box office intake Monday-Wednesday, so we’ll see.

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