‘Away We Go’

So, my Away We Go review is up, and I’m pretty excited: someone hates it enough to comment! I had a hard time writing this one because I was torn between the way I saw it and the way I knew everyone else would see it. In short, the commenter sees it the way I knew everyone else would, and my review reflects the way I like to look at it.


In a few days: Public Enemies! I hope it’s good.


‘The Proposal’

Not particularly great, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A shrewd decision on Sandra Bullock’s part. Plus Ryan Reynolds is adorable. And Betty White makes it a million times better.


This weekend, I’m hoping to catch Away We Go, and I may end up seeing the new Transformers movie too. Even though I didn’t see the first one and have no desire to see this one…

27. In praise of Character in the Bleak inhuman Loneliness

28. Composing wild, undisciplined, pure, coming in from under, crazier the better

– Jack Kerouac, Belief & Technique for Modern Prose

I generally find Kerouac’s “spontaneous prose” too indulgent to trudge through–it gives me a headache and takes me forever to decipher. I much prefer his poetry. But I’m fully capable of self-indulgence in his prose techniques! Haha. Tonight’s result:

all I want is everything, to snatch and catch and grab and squeeze all of human experience, everything there is, the highest highs and lowest lows, the deepest of emotions and oceans of love and hate and pain and peace and tragedy and ecstasy and madness – especially the madness – and oh the LAUGHTER, and capture it, hold it for a moment in the palm of my hand, in a fierce orb of pure life
and then RELEASE it.
unchain unbind the tiny microcosmic cosmic blast and watch in slow motion as the most dangerous fearsome weapon and greatest most powerful healer expands across the universe in an unstoppable unreasonable irrational force beyond all reckoning
flowing like lava, a nuclear holocaust flattening, washing over everything in its path but killing nothing and everything at once blanketed in whiteness icier than snow and warm in its grasp, not wrath, but true clarity
exposing the distance between us, the mere inches centimeters millimeters that feel like miles and the darkness that exists in the in between that pushes us apart like electromagnets fueled by the ungovernable blinding blackness in which it lives no exists like a parasite feeding off our doubt and pain and hunger
our hunger to devour, to express, as we starve desire yearn for everything contained in the LIFE released in that moment and chase it down like it’s the only thing that can save us and maybe it is, maybe that’s all that matters is the race, the chase, the pursuit that ensues when we awake and see and realize that what we feel is real RIGHT NOW and even when tomorrow comes and nothing is real any more, it doesn’t matter, so long as we keep on fighting the good fight in the neverending struggle that consumes us
and then time resumes and that fleeting life vision vanishes, the ephemera become phantasms and disappear in a flash, but liberated I saw it with my own mind’s eye, reflected in your eyes, because all I want is everything and everything is you is me is us is one is all. right now. forever.

‘The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3’

I need to start writing more stuff, other than movie reviews. But here’s my latest:


I’d like to see the original–this is another adaptation of a novel that was adapted into a movie in 1974–since I hear it’s great.

Next week: maybe The Proposal. Switch it up a little and do a romantic comedy. The next movie I’m excited about is Public Enemies (Johnny Depp!), and that’s not until July 1, so I suppose Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock will do in the mean time.

‘The Hangover’

My review was posted early!


Not sure what’s to come next week, yet…perhaps The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3…we’ll see though!

Also: Variety reports that The Hangover is #2 at the box office this weekend (behind Up, and only barely), pulling in over $43 million–one of the best ever openings for an R-rated movie. The only two that have grossed more their opening weekends are Sex and the City and American Pie 2–franchise flicks.

The best part about that bit of news is that this raunchy, R-rated comedy starring virtually unknown actors completely dominated against Will Ferrell’s latest excuse for comedy–the PG-13 Land of the Lost didn’t even break $20 million.

Hahaha. Sometimes I love the way the world works.


The Hangover’s Sunday box office take was even higher than predicted, and it finished at number 1 this weekend. I loved Up, but it’s nice to see this genuinely entertaining, low-budget flick become a sleeper hit. I’m glad they’re both going strong and hope The Hangover can retain some of that audience this weekend…it had record box office intake Monday-Wednesday, so we’ll see.

Check it out!

I’m writing movie reviews for NewJerseyNewsroom.com!


I’m under “Contributing Writers.” I feel so official. Haha.

My first couple reviews should be posted soon–I’ll put up the links when they are!


Here’s my Angels and Demons review! I was told to be “snarky and opinionated”…so that’s what I did.


P.S. I didn’t make up that title. Someone else did. Hehe.