No. 10, or Uncontrollable.

my words
they’re falling in pieces
tripping from my clumsy tongue
trudging through mind muck
breaking up
smaller every second
syllables separate
— disintegrate
— dissolve
they revolve
— brain to blood
— blood to lips
— lips to air    to ears
what’s in my brain
doesn’t make it to your ears
fear and nerves rattle my words
they race around mental curves
vibrating herds of garbled noise
they are mine no more
the moment the sound slipped from my lips
I knew:
the words were from another
a stranger ciphering my message
messing with my sentiment
scrambling my meaning
— my feeling
perhaps it will translate
— untangle
— unravel
between your ears and brain
aim for restoration
reassemble my narration
patience, please, & cooperation
come to understand:
my words,
they have a mind of their own.

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